Reticare, the only eye protector that blocks high energy light



with Reticare you sleep longer and better, improving your focus at work



Reduces the risks of early onset central vision blindness



Prevents symptoms like headaches, red eyes and blurry vision



Reticare's evidence is documented in more than 120 studies

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The solution to a serious health problem unknown to most people

 The science

Reticare is based on clear scientific evidence

The studies by the Complutense University of Madrid about avoidable blindness has proven that Reticare reduces the risks to the retina that can be caused by light emitted through electronic device screens such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and monitors.

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Computer Vision Syndrome

What effects do our eyes feel?

According to a report from the Complutense University of Madrid, the high number of hours of use of screens on computers, tablets and smartphones, puts our visual system under extreme physical exhaustion. Some of the most common signs are eyestrain and headaches.

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About us

Reticare's philosophy is to help the society

We develop products and services that prevent the harmful effects of high energy light emitted through electronic device screens. This is a serious public health problem for everyone, especially more dangerous for children and adolescents.

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~ Jody, customer

"Wow, I wasn't expecting such a quick response to my questions – thank you! I can tell it makes a difference just by holding it in front of the screen so I really look forward to using it!"

~ Arthur Beredjick, MBA student, University of Tampa

“As an MBA student, I spend at least 10 hours every day in front of my computer. I recommend this product to everybody who uses screens in their daily life!” 

~ Cami Gilbertini, SVP USAmeriBank & Mom

“My whole family has Reticare eye protectors on all of our devices. Thank you for this wonderful product to save our eyes. Forever grateful!!”

~Jake Willis Simons, Daily mail

"There are computers I can use now that I could never use before.It's like magic"

~ Jen Desmond

“I know it [Reticare] was the best choice for my MacBookPro, especially for my eyes.”

~ Nancy, Customer

"Great product! I will spread the word about how excellent Reticare is and to protect the eyes of those you love."

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