Reticare is the unique partner to make this happen!

One of the greatest missions of Reticare is our commitment to help humanity to have less risks using technology. With your partnership we can reach this goal faster and reduce the risks associated with device screens for all of us today and for our future generations.

This great transformation is an opportunity for all types of organizations to create value among their customers, employees, investors, alumni and all the all of their stakeholders.

We have 3 categories for partnerships with Reticare:


Reticare Retail & Distribution

Every screen user needs Reticare for all their devices. We want to make Reticare accessible through the preferred channels that customers are accustomed to buy products. Also, all distribution channels need to adapt their offer to their customers and be proactive in this crucial transformation of the industry.


Licensing screen OEMs & Manufacturers

With the deepest knowledge in the field and the best solutions available, Reticare is the partner for all the manufacturers and OEMs that use screens in order to create the best products for the people. Reticare also owns the biggest portfolio of patents in this field.


Reticare Companies, Educational and Other Institutions

One of the biggest challenge for all the institutions is how they can adapt the current screens in order to reduce these important risks that are effecting the health of their talent. In addition, we strongly believe, with the scientific evidence, these risks are very dangerous for kids and talent using the screens without Reticare.