About us


Our vision

Since 2013, Reticare has successfully combined innovation and its development activity enhancing the binomial of private enterprise and academic research, thanks to its close collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid.
More than 15 years of research led by Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos and the experience and innovation of Reticare’s team back its trajectory.
Reticare has a social commitment in terms of prevention, especially in the case of children and young people who start using device screens earlier than ever and with higher time of exposure.
As an active player in prevention and divulgation, Reticare continues with its awareness campaign aimed at institutions, public organisms and the education sector with a clear goal: to help society as a whole.

“We are a social company with an aim to resolve a serious public health problem”

Our mission

We develop products and services that prevent the harmful effects of light emitted from electronic device screens, a serious public health problem for everyone, especially more dangerous for children and adolescents.
At Reticare we believe in achieving results with scientific developments in order to provide the best solutions for all people.


Where are we?


Reticare Inc., 2502 North Rocky Point Drive The Pointe Suite 155 Tampa, FL 33607
Reticare, C/ Verano, 34. Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid - España

Our clients

As a proof of the already existing social awareness of the need for eye protection, more than 300,000 people use Reticare daily.
And, since health is everyone’s bussiness, big international companies and other public and private organizations alreday trust Reticare and its valuable benefits.