The eyes spread the virus

The eyes spread the virus

The infamous COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted by secretions from infected people.

In regards to the droplets we expel when we speak or cough, the virus impacts the eyes in two distinct ways:

1. The action of touching the eyes with fingertips or hands

2. The effect of the virus-infected droplet on the eyeball itself

With regard to the action of touching the eyes, statistics indicate the majority of people touch their eyes more than 3 times per hour. The data also shows that this number of “eye touching” can increase up to 7 times per hour when we are working in front of a screen. Furthermore, because of the exposure of our eyes to blue light emissions from screens, many of us complain from eye fatigue, irritation, dry eyes and other effects such as headaches and various conditions of eye discomfort. 

It is a fact that 99% of screens we use now emit intense blue light that result in eye strain, inevitably provoking the need to touch our eyes unconsciously. With this action, suddenly the risk of inadvertently transferring the virus through the eyes is remarkably increased. This is especially dangerous in places where the virus can spread quickly, such as workplaces, studios, airports, restaurants, and various other environments where people share space with others, who can become highly susceptible to the disease.

By touching our eyes, we can permeate our fingers with the virus that become the perfect vehicle for surface contamination. And, when it comes to coronavirus, the recent warnings point to doorknobs, chair arms and handrails may pose a bigger risk of infection, which recently been found to be more significant than first thought, because the infectious agents can survive on these surfaces for long periods of time

Therefore, we must protect our eyes to reduce eye strain, not only because less exposure to blue light, proven to cause eye damages, is necessary but, also because we must help eradicate the risks of being an agent in transmitting the virus. By simply placing Reticare filters on your device screens that can boost lubrication of the eye and reduce irritation, the effects of eye strain and dry eyes can be significantly reduced thus, the risk of spreading the virus through the entry of our eyes is also reduced.

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