Reticare for Apple iPhone 7/6S/6 White

$19.99 tax excl.

New product


Reticare eye protectors for your smartphone is one of our best sellers! 
Great phone + Best Protection = Amazing Technology with Remarkable Safety!
(Reticare for your iPhone 6/6S/7 White will not change the appearance of your smartphone and covers only the screen)

Practice healthier habits of electronic usage and reduce 3 risks:

(1) Sleep Disorders

(2) Eye Strain

(3) Macular Degeneration, Most Important! 

Reticare is the only eye protector that is scientifically proven. 

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    Reticare for Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/S7 White

    Levels of protection according to age and the time using the device

    Unique Technology
    Protection Levels


    The use of blocking components of the short-wave length of the light emitted by LED sources:

    • Protects the retina adequately, the cornea and the crystalline lens from the harmfull effects of the short-wave length of the light
    • Reduces visual fatigue and sleep disorder produced by LED sources
    • Improves confort and visual function


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    Ocular protector for screens of electronic devices that absorbs short-wavelength light, protects your retina and reduces eyestrain from day one. It is 100% tactile, with durable fixation and is easily placed and protects screen from scratches.

    The pack includes: 2 Reticare ocular protectors, a cleaning cloth, a spatula and a quick installation guide.

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