Reticare for Apple iPhone 7 PLUS Visual Screen

$19.99 tax excl.

New product


Reticare eye protectors for your iPhone 7 Plus is among our best sellers! 
Great phone + Best Protection = Amazing Technology with Remarkable Safety! Now, this is a PLUS!!!
(Reticare protector will not change the appearance of your smartphone)

Practice healthier habits of electronic usage and reduce 3 risks:

(1) Sleep Disorders

(2) Eye Strain

(3) Macular Degeneration, Most Important! 

Reticare is the only eye protector that is scientifically proven.

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    Reticare for Samsung Galaxy S6 Visual screen

    Levels of protection according to age and the time using the device

    Unique Technology
    Protection Levels


    The use of blocking components of the short-wave length of the light emitted by LED sources:

    • Protects the retina adequately, the cornea and the crystalline lens from the harmfull effects of the short-wave length of the light
    • Reduces visual fatigue and sleep disorder produced by LED sources
    • Improves confort and visual function


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    Ocular protector for screens of electronic devices that absorbs short-wavelength light, protects your retina and reduces eyestrain from day one. It is 100% tactile, with durable fixation and is easily placed and protects screen from scratches.

    The pack includes: 2 Reticare ocular protectors, a cleaning cloth, a spatula and a quick installation guide.

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