This US Judicial Decision Affects You

This US Judicial Decision Affects You

It is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that defines the standards which allow devices to be sold in the marketplace. In the latest ruling in the lawsuit, filed by Environmental Health Trust and Children's Health Defense against the FCC, "the court ruled the commission’s 1996 health guidelines related to non-cancer harms from 5G and wireless-based technologies were capricious, arbitrary and not evidence-based".

For those unfamiliar with the market, the FCC is the reference body on which most technology manufacturers rely upon in order to sell their products, in all markets around the world.

 In that respect, although it is related to other potential damages from electronic devices, we need to remember that It was not until 2002 the cells that manage melatonin in the retina were discovered, and it was not until 2012 that the retinal damages produced by blue light were demonstrated in human cells. It must be taken into account that today’s technological development was designed years ago based on a regulation that, according to the ruling, does not necessarily take into account scientific findings that demonstrate damages to health. 

This ruling may open a potential gap in companies and consumers because now, it might be more difficult for them to defend themselves against any possible employee's claim of harm.

Based on the principle of prudence, any conscientious manager, would have to put in place protective measures for their employees.  And, of course, the same principles might apply in the case of children and the use of screens in schools, protective measures to protect the eyes of their students should be taken immediately.  Otherwise, in both cases, they could be putting the health of their employees or students at risk. 

Digital transformation and the impacts of technology on the health of all should be taken seriously, to ensure safer workplaces or educational institutions now and beyond.

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