Think about this when you go to sleep: first case of a minor hospitalized for video game addiction reported

Think about this when you go to sleep: first case of a minor hospitalized for video game addiction reported

At Reticare, we have been warning about damages caused by, what we call "new digital diseases” which begins silently, with devastating effects on individuals and families, who do not take appropriate measures to reduce the risks associated with the use of screens. 

There are already various set of symptoms millions of families around the world are experiencing.

Millions of families around the world already sense that they are doing something wrong.  Every day, they see it more clearly because their children are more irritable, their language patterns have changed, they may be more violent or aggressive with their family at times, they have started to sleep less and, worst of all, as their eyes become more tired, their minds seem to be more wandering out of the realities of life. 

What most people don’t know or ignore are the serious warnings from Reticare which has been informing us for years.  The hospitalized teen will most likely be able to recover from this incident for the time being however, it may come back to haunt him in the future. 


 The case of the teenager from Spain.

According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo it should be noted that this is the first case of a teenager from Spain, who is a young man with exceptional academic performance. It has been reported that, since the beginning of the school year, his family observed greater absenteeism, imbalance in his resting patterns and, disengagement from his study of habits that coincided with his change of class. It is very important to realize that the disruption of his rest schedules is related with screen lights.  The young man was also affected by the loss of a family member, which probably accelerated his video addiction.  in both cases, they could be putting the health of their employees or students at risk. 

The symptoms detected by the medical team included isolation at home, rejection of social interactions, refusal to go to health services, persistent personal inflexibility, little interest in his environment, being very selective in his tastes and restrictive activities. He also showed alterations in his performance of basic daily living activities and his sleep rhythms, while receiving treatments prescribed at the hospital.

Light from screens can act as an accelerator for addiction and behavioral deterioration of a person due to, among other factors, its ability to reduce the emission of melatonin levels at night, preventing a restful sleep. Hence, use of Reticare helps to reduce the side effects of screen dependence.

As adults, we are also affected. Our overall health is much more at risk than we think. The best way to handle the problems for ourselves is to be an example for our children. First and foremost we need to take care of our own health and vision. Manage your screen time properly and take precautions by using scientifically proven Reticare on screens would be an accurate guide for children that will help them to normalize their association with screens. As an example, if you don’t brush your teeth, how could your children learn to brush theirs? A good example is always the best way to teach children the right way to behave in life.

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