You Are Safe: Send This To Those In Danger

You Are Safe: Send This To Those In Danger

When you are aware of the fundamentals behind the harmful effect of screens on the eyes, it becomes difficult to understand how others risk their future because of lack of knowledge or sheer ignorance. 

Most of us spend half our lives trying to survive, taking care of our health, saving for a better future, being proficient at our jobs and taking care of our children so that they have the best possible future.  Those of us who are aware of how important our eyes are in this journey faithfully recognize: If the health of our eyes is in danger, our future is in danger. 

Those are the ones who have found Reticare and took action because they have understood what is happening concerning their eye health. Then, there are those who may have recognized the warnings about the current situation, but avoided to act or looked for excuses such as: "I'm too busy", "It's not clear", "Surely it's not that bad", "I'm already safe" or the most recurrent but the most irresponsible one which usually happens when human beings face serious health situations, especially with the ones that pertain to irreversible consequences: "It's not going to happen to me."

No matter what, we must begin to accept the reality: the light emitted by device screens can cause irreversible damages to retinal cells.


The recklessness of ignoring a situation this serious increases when some people, instead of turning to science and informing themselves of the facts, choose to use a pseudo-solution and irresponsibly decide to protect themselves, without an accurate guarantee against such a serious problem, that puts their future at risk. Reticare is the world leader in blue light protection and the only scientifically proven solution.

Act NOW, forward this information and use the promo code: FALL10 ($50 min order) or FALL15 ($50+ orders) for you, your friends and for your loved ones.

To learn how to protect our eyes and to read more information about Reticare, visit our website awww.reticare.comYou can also write to us at or call us at 1 813 287 4867. 

Invest in Future. Invest in Reticare.

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