Watch Out for the Data: The Threat Is Already a Reality

Watch Out for the Data: The Threat Is Already a Reality

The damage in humans from blue light is already proven. It will arrive sooner or later. In other words, we could say the earthquake has already occurred and the tsunami will arrive. 

It is interesting to observe the data on ocular health:

- Retinal detachments (10% have serious complications) growth by 320%. *
- Vitreous detachments have grown by 520%. *
Possible effects also include:
- Retinal damage
- Floaters and floating spots
- Macular degeneration, which is already the most important cause of permanent blindness.

And, it is occurring in healthy people without warning.  

So why isn't action taken immediately?

It is difficult to realize that you are affected yourself. When you hear that a neighbor or friend has had a detached retina and will spend weeks or even months sleeping face down, your first thought is that it won't happen to you or any of your relatives.

Ophthalmologists and doctors in general are beginning to be alert about the eye pandemic on its way as the population continues to use screens, without adequate protection, and children are using them longer and at a younger age. It is a threat that has become a reality and you need to protect yourself fully against this risk that can appear suddenly and completely affect our lives. 

Help those close to you who are not aware of what is really at stake. It will be a priceless favor and it is an obligation for those of us who know that their future is at real risk.

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* Source: Eye (Lond). 2021 Jul 21 : 1–5. doi: 10.1038/s41433-021-01647-2

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