The Three Big Mistakes from Blue Light Emitted by Screens

The Three Big Mistakes from Blue Light Emitted by Screens

1- Not protecting yourself. Taking it lightly, something may or may not happen.

2- Protecting yourself with a product, without scientific basis

3- Protecting yourself only partially.  Using protection on just one device or recommending it to just a person in the family, but not all family members.

All of these mistakes can provoke grave issues in your life and family and that is why science is crucial and so important.

If we are talking about an unknown risk, the only way to solve it is by science. That's why pioneers and visionaries often lead the way. They achieve a breakthrough based on knowledge or do something unexpected, unique, and unusual that is a milestone. Let us also consider that pioneers have two characteristics: they see the world as a whole and find problems and solutions in it before the rest of the people, and they understand that for universal problems, there are universal risks.

The case of screens and blue light is a good example. It takes a true pioneer to understand that it is important to have a scientifically proven solution. For items of intermittent use (such as a razor, a new type of clothing, etc.) it is fundamental, but for products of intensive and continuous use, fundamental becomes critical. 

In that sense, someone who has discovered and studied the effects of blue light emitted from screens on vision is revolutionary. As much as there are many ‘so called’ blue light protectors, there are none that have proven what the medium- and long-term results will be like in the future, except scientifically proven Reticare. That is why it is insane to use a non-scientific solution for a problem where knowledge is everything.

We are a country of pioneers, and we understand not only science but also the responsibility we have for our future generations. We embrace to always take a step forward and understand by following those supported by science that we can reach for the stars. Let us think of William Shatner who made space history. A true pioneer, who at 90 years of age, was able to do the unthinkable and risk doing something that no one thought he would be able to overcome. 

Just as he with a remarkable desire to be able to explore the space at such an age and become the oldest astronaut on the planet, we must aspire to be able to take care of our eyes. What would become of Captain Kirk if he had reached space and could not see all the beauty?

Let's be pioneers and follow those pioneers who believe and follow science. Visit our website at, write to us at or call us at 813 287 4867.


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