Do schools really protect your children's eye health?

Do schools really protect your children's eye health?

If you have kids, they probably spend more than an hour a day exposed to the harmful light emitted by electronic device screens. Have you noticed them with discomfort in their eyes? Beyond the visible symptoms, the increasing use of digital screens in schools poses great risks to the students’ eye health.

The latest studies on light from device screens by the Complutense University of Madrid indicate risks of retina damage. This data should be enough to take appropriate prudent measures. Otherwise, what ethical example can we offer to students if we don’t act before a risk affects their health?

Reducing the risks of light emitted from screens should be the norm in schools that use technology to improve the educational process. Technology has countless benefits, but with the information we know today, prevention is essential.

To achieve this, it’s important to use the right solution that is, using the one that offers real and proven protection. Faced with such a delicate problem, using scientifically un-validated technologies to protect children is an added risk.

Reticare is the only scientifically proven solution for the harmful effects of light from digital screens. 40,000 students worldwide are already protected with Reticare. But what about your children? Demand the maximum protection for them at all times, whether in school or at home.