Aging Eyes Accelerated

Aging Eyes Accelerated

We have known for centuries that aging is related to the quality of life and that exposure to certain elements can be toxic.


It is well known that skin ages with the UV rays from the Sun however, our skin has the ability to regenerate over time. What most of us are unaware is that the retina cells do not have the ability to regenerate therefore, maintenance of our eyes is a priority to be able to keep them healthy as long as we can in our lifetime.


Aging is related to the oxidation of cells and free radicals play a prominent role in this process. In the case of the eye, it has been found that the visible light greatly accelerates the process of photooxidation of the cells of the retina. In the last ten years, the screens used in smartphones, tablets, laptops and monitors have dramatically increased the emission of high energy light, responsible for amplified photo-oxidation of the cells of the retina.


Symptoms from using screens such as itchy eyes, headaches and visual fatigue hide a much greater problem. In recent years, we all know someone or another diagnosed too soon with eye problems such as cataracts and retinal detachment, the insignia of macular degeneration – the most significant cause of blindness in the world that will result rapidly in an incurable central blindness.


In analyzing whether the use of the mobile phones could be a risk for the retina, the most recent experiment conducted with laboratory animals showed serious damages to the retina in 28 days, with only one hour of daily use of screens. Another experiment under similar conditions except using screens with Reticare, showed this deterioration of retinal cells or premature aging of the eye can be eliminated. Further experiment showed: The animals exposed to tablets with no protection lost 23% of their retina cells in only 3 months. With tablets that had Reticare eye protectors, there was no loss.


In order to maintain our vision with quality for many years is the reason why we strongly recommend for you to use Reticare on all screens. We also recommend to reduce the number of hours in front of screens as much as possible.