Dangers of false perception of security

Dangers of false perception of security

The film, "The Big Short" depicts parallel stories of the great depression, bankruptcy and recent Lehman Brothers and the financial crisis of 2007–2008, which was triggered by the United States housing bubble, begins with a phrase of Mark Twain that is very adequate in explaining the false perception of security: "It ain´t what you don’t know that gets you in troble. It´s what you know for sure that just ain´t so." (Mark Twain)

We like to believe that the world revolving around us is safe for the most part. However, the digital revolution advances so fast, instigated globally in a frantic way, that there is no time to stop and check what’s happening. Science needs time to check the biological effects of change to our bodies, especially as important as the one we are dealing with now.

In the case of screen lights, there is a new and a differential element called LED. LED and its variants which make up the source that illuminate the screens, consume up to 10 times less energy to produce light. This low consumption allows much higher intensities and above all, it reduces CO2 emissions which is one of the most important global challenges that we are facing today. In addition, the size of it is very small and it has impressive versatility at an unbeatable price. Good stuff right? In reality, we are “blind-sided” (literally!) with all of these capabilities and benefits of this element that we don’t see the other side of the coin: The risks of irreversible damage to the retina.

Thus, we have developed a false confidence in our screens we look at every day. What is so appalling that we give them to our children, even to under 4 year-olds, not realizing that their macula has not even been formed yet.

It is true that neither the authorities nor other responsible parties offer any help regarding the issues, since posing limitations may be less attractive than selling the dream of the wonderful benefits of digital revolution.

It is also easy and attractive to deceive oneself thinking that the risk is less than what the clinical data shows us because, otherwise, we will have to do something to protect ourselves.

There are enough evidence out there and we should realize the enormous dependence we have on our vision. What are the benefits of this wonderful digital world without vision? Protect your eyes with Reticare from all your screens. You are on time, you know the reality and you can really build a better world for yourself and yours by protecting what you most want and need, your vision!

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