5 Years of protecting the future of vision is only the beginning

5 Years of protecting the future of vision is only the beginning

September 9th, 2013:

At 9:30 a.m. -- More than 100 journalists, including 10 television stations, await anxiously for the announcement of Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos and her scientific team. It was decided not to reveal any of the results of the experiments until the journalists were in place, physically present at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid, the Bulgari Hotel in London and in the press room of the Berlin Fair set up for the simultaneous press conference.

The next day, mainly the European media, echoed the news – about the new reality: The light from device screens, used by 90% of the population and believed to be harmless to the human eye, can destroy cells of the retina (one of the most precious possessions of a human body) and when they are gone, the loss of vision that occurs is irreversible. That day, the preventive effects of Reticare was also demonstrated, able to protect the retina cells and, when used, it almost completely reduced cell mortality.

Today, no one in his right mind or properly informed, doubts that the blue light, emitted aggressively by the screens, can destroy cells of the retina. Moreover, this summer a study has been published in Nature that clarifies and demonstrates the mechanism by which a molecule becomes a cell killer, when activated by blue light, unveiling the way how this type of light kills the cells of the retina.

Fortunately, many users did not fall for the seductive words of "nothing will happen" or "we can continue to use screens without protection" and today almost half a million people are protected with Reticare. It could be said that this result is a success; however, the great difference in the quality of life today and, above all, that there will be in the future, between the people who protect themselves with Reticare and those who do not, forces us to be much more effective in transmitting our message.

Unfortunately, the cells do not take into account our opinions or have the ability to wait for our assessments of scientific results. Nor, do they care about the economic interests involved in the process and, if certain adverse conditions prevail, they die. However, if adequate protection measures are taken, they survive.

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