It will not happen to me!

It will not happen to me!

We say it every day…even when we see gruesome images on media or the warnings on tobacco packages, most do not stop smoking. Even though we know the use of mobile phones/texting has become one of the first causes of death in traffic accidents and yet, we don’t take it seriously. Just take a stroll down on any street and you’ll see many who are still on their cell phones calling or texting while driving.

We say to ourselves: I am careful, it will not happen to me…until one day, it happens.

Are we losing the perspective of what it means to take into account a serious risk?

Most of us seem to instinctively think that everything is recoverable. It is true that if a television breaks, we can fix it or buy another one. If the car breaks, the same. Or there are many other things that are fixable or replaceable. But, do we realize that there are effects from things that cannot be fixed or replaced? Are we really aware that small decisions, such as not using the cell phones while driving or using Reticare to protect our eyes can actually change our future and that of those around us?

Those of us who are able to see, can we really imagine how our lives could change if we lose our sight?

Fortunately, there are more and more people who do and, in recent months, the feeling that we are facing a serious risk of damaging our vision is being reaffirmed and luckily many take action.

Progressively more companies and individuals are now using Reticare for their teams and their families. The good news is, Reticare will soon reach about a half a million people who chose to be protected.

A piece of good advice…If you use Reticare only on one of your devices, immerse yourself into total protection. This way, your eyes will feel the comfort full time instead of being well part of the time and, not being well when looking at toxic screens without Reticare.

Check your Reticare, both tablet and phone and, if you have to renew it, do not hesitate to do so. If it is easier, call us and we will assist you quickly and find the one you need.