Blinded by Light

Blinded by Light

This is how powerful the title of the article is in The Ophtalmologist, one of the most prestigious journals in the ophthalmological world, that refers to the latest experiments from the University of Toledo (UT-Ohio), demonstrating the connection between the blue light emitted by screens and the risks of permanent blindness.

We found the headline very interesting because it clearly expresses the undeniable effect of this toxic light on our eyes. But if we look further, technology is also partially blinding our judgment, making it difficult for us to distinguish what is more sensible from a particular point of view, personally or socially. It is clear that technology helps improve just about anything and, as a strong advocate of technological development, I believe we should also look further. Regardless of the joys of technology, we should ask ourselves and not be blinded by the wonderful possibilities that it brings to us, what will be the cost of it for our health and for the society in general?

As in the ancient proverb, "There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn’t want to see," expressing the human mechanism of not wanting to see what is not of any interest. However, not wanting to see this new situation regarding the risks on our eye health, will bring with it not being able to see -- literally.

Fortunately, if you are receiving this message it is because you are already a Reticare customer and you already know the real situation of the risks from using screens. You already know how important it is to protect your eyes, especially when the damage is very serious and irreversible. Including you, almost 500,000 people are protecting themselves, a number that seems large but really very small compared to the number of people affected, which unfortunately today, it is almost the entire population. Transmitting this important message to those around us and removing the “blindfold” may be a greatest favor we can do for them.