Many reputable companies and institutions in the world have selected Reticare

Many reputable companies and institutions in the world have selected Reticare

Similar to best practices companies adapt in preventing health hazards that might affect those in the work place, many large companies are now offering Reticare eye protectors to their employees, who are mainly digital workers, in order to protect them from the toxicity of light emitted from device screens.

We are witnessing “the tip of the iceberg” in the current digital era of society.  We do not know what the future of our work force will exactly be like but, just by looking at the information in how digitization is affecting the way we live, it is clear how much more it will impact us in the future.

In this fast-paced digital environment, recent studies clearly show that the light emitted by device screens may present serious damaging risks that may cause the loss of irreversible vision for the user.

Smart companies who are concerned about their “competitive edge” are beginning to realize that this risk will eventually affect the overall success of their organizations, per the suffering already impacting the health of their employees, due to the excessive use of screens that have become a mandatory tool for most workers.  Based on these reasons, many reputable companies and institutions in the world have selected Reticare as the best solution and have it available for their employees, should they wish to prevent risks to their vision from screen usage.

The dynamics within most companies and institutions currently we provide Reticare for are mainly those where the worker requests Reticare from the employer however, some work centers have now begun to be proactive in order to protect all of their workers, in addition to help improve and refine their companies to stay ahead of the competition.

We must remember that in the last experiments performed using unprotected tablets with laboratory rats, in only three months, demonstrated a loss of 23% of their retina cells whereas, when Reticare was used on same type of screens, within the same amount of duration, approximately no cell death was recorded. It is also necessary to emphasize that these lab animals do not look directly at the screen in contrast to humans.  Human use of screens require looking directly at and focusing on screens, positioned in front of the macula which is the most important area of ​​the retina, in order to be able to read, write or identify images.

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