Eye Pain: An alarm you mustn’t ignore.

Eye Pain: An alarm you mustn’t ignore.

Only a few years ago, it was hard to run into people with symptoms that are now much more common such as eye fatigue, photophobia, eye stress, blurred vision and/or eye pain.

 Today, we want to focus on something that has become a daily conversation with many of our Reticare users, the "Eye Pain".

 Eye pain, which we hear often, include some descriptive explanations about the discomfort of eyes, whether it is within the eye, behind or around it. It can be unilateral or bilateral, in other words, you can feel pain in the right eye, in the left eye, or you can experience pain in both eyes. In all cases, the degree of eye pain does not necessarily indicate the level of severity of the actual cause of the discomfort. If the eye pain is dull, like a headache in the eye, but there is no redness or blurred vision, this type of symptom could be caused by mistreatment or from exerting too much effort to the eyes. As we have heard symptoms such as the ones mentioned from many of our clients, we have studies that show the culprit could be due to too much time spent on screens that emit high levels of blue light.

 Eye pain is not normal, so do not ignore it.

 The American Academy of Ophthalmology warns: It is important to remember that many people do not know they have eye diseases as there are often no warning signs or symptoms, or it is assumed that poor vision is part of the natural aging process. Early detection and treatment of eye problems are the best way to maintain a healthy vision throughout your life. In many cases, blindness and loss of vision can be prevented.

 Remember that using Reticare eye protectors will help reduce the harmful effects of blue light emitted by device screens and, most of the time, it will help alleviate these types of symptoms and/or sensations.

 With regard to eye pain, do not take risks. If you experience any of the symptoms or feel an odd sensation in your eyes, visit your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.


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