Beware of False News that can Damage Your Vision.

Beware of False News that can Damage Your Vision.

Unfortunately, false news, even when it concerns health, is a way to cheat the system no matter who or where it generates from. In fact, usually the more sensitive an issue is, the greater it becomes to take advantage of people's good faith.

Currently, there is no real scientific debate about the reality of serious risks from exposure to blue light concerning eye health. It is quite common to hear "opinions" without any scientific basis that try to question the effects of light from screens on the retina. Some even falsely defend that using screens that emit much more intense light than ever before, do not cause any harm to the retina – even if the screens emit 10 times more intensity of light than your smartphone emits today.

To clarify the level of light intensity your eyes receive from a smartphone, we have made a simple comparative test that you can also perform yourself. We measured the blue light received by a fluorescent lamp in the workplace and compared it with what we would receive when looking at a Smartphone.

Here are the surprising results we have found: Blue light your eyes receive when looking at a fluorescent lamp, located approximately 6.5 feet from the eyeball, is 17,020 light beams while the blue light you get from the smartphone received by your eyes, at a distance of approximately just 13.5 inches from the eyeballs, is 55,592 light beams!

The fact is, when looking at your mobile phone you can be receiving around 326% more blue light than when looking directly at a fluorescent lamp above you which in most cases bother us when looking at it directly.

The value and advantages we get from using electronic devices, whether at work or for personal usage, is unquestionably beneficial in many ways however, losing our sight while looking at screens, just because you did not protect yourself, is unfathomable that should not ever be allowed.

Help us spread the reality from using screens without protection and share this message.

Being well informed makes the difference.

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