Your eyes could be nearly 10 years older than you!

Your eyes could be nearly 10 years older than you!

One way to measure the age of an eye is when the time comes for cataract surgery. According to a recent survey results, the detection of the acceleration in cataracts may be much more than expected.

The survey, focusing professionals in the field of vision through social media, (Ref. Twitter: May 29- June 4), raised the following results:

Only 17% of respondents say that the normal age for cataracts was maintained. The remaining 83% of respondents estimate that cataracts have accelerated at least 5 years. Of that 83%, more than 60% of those who responded to the survey estimate that it has accelerated between 10 and 15 years.

There are still no epidemiological data to corroborate or disprove this outcome however, these results warn us about a significant reality that our eyes get older much faster than previously thought.

The reason for this occurrence is very clear: The amount of time in front of screens.

In addition, the most serious problem is not cataracts and that there is even a more alarming situation. It is as if our hearts were 10 years older than our biological age, our eyes also can also get older very quickly and usually end up with macular degeneration (central blindness), caused by the death of photoreceptors in the retina, which cannot be transplanted or saved in any way, as it is not possible to regenerate the cells. To be clear, macular degeneration is incapacitating and can happen to anyone who may take the facts lightly and ignore to protect their eyes from screens.