Technology in the bedroom + Sleep Loss = the cause of major health disorders

Technology in the bedroom + Sleep Loss = the cause of major health disorders

The natural behavior for many families is still to spend the last hours of their day, whether it’s their TVs or electronic devices, in front of screens in their bedrooms. The previous models of television and electronic devices emitted 5 times less light and, in addition, the composition of that light was much less aggressive.

It is common to fall asleep while watching something or another on TV, tablet or smartphones and, some spending almost 10 hours of binge watching, which has become more popular with all the options we have available from cable and other networks.  The question of “how many of us worry about what consequences this kind of behavior might have on our health?” seems to be not so popular.

Fundamentally, it is absolutely necessary to understand that disruption of sleep causes decline of memory and, based on science, studies and especially the recent warnings by the World Health Organization (WHO), not getting enough sleep also found to be linked to risks of developing certain cancers, Alzheimer’s and even cardiovascular diseases. 

  1.        Sleep disorders caused by exposure to blue light can shorten your life

Exposing our eyes to devices before sleep deprives humans from benefits of sleep which is more important than most people think.  The intense blue light emitted from devices coupled with the composition of that light decreases the separation of melatonin. Melatonin has two effects:  One is that it facilitates the conciliation sleep deprivation, allows us to sleep with fewer interruptions and enables a deeper sleep. Recently, it has been discovered that the majority of the environments humans spend time in, cause poor sleep habits and decrease the natural defenses produced by our bodies during sleep, due to too much blue light exposure.  Number two is, sleep plays a major role in protecting our immune system and by disrupting our sleep we are taking serious risks with our life support system.  When using devices, we must also take into account the “looping process” in many cases which happens when we wake up in the middle of the night, we tend to pick up where we left off and continue to entertain ourselves then go back to sleep again after our eyes are exposed to more blue light and, repeat this pattern over and over again and, sometimes, several times at night.  This vicious cycle causes sleep disruption which greatly reduces the quality of sleep.  According to studies, sleep loss effects our immune system causing approximately a reduction of 70% of our immune cell activity resulting in immune deficiency.

  1.        The harmful effects of light for our eyes, in a dark environment.

When eyes adapt to darkness they become much more sensitive to light.  This is the reason why when we enter in a dark environment from a bright place, it is common not being able to see anything for a while. This process can actually increase the harmful effects of blue light, with the added component that we may have already spent around 10 hours in front of screens. Nowadays, with the increased efficiency of technology, humans have managed to alter the natural light-dark cycle contrast, which can cause serious repercussion on the health of our vision.  However, still not all of us are willing to give up our technology and entertainment at night before falling asleep.  

That is why we strongly recommend that you protect your eyes at least from the device screens that are close in proximity to your face when using them, especially at night.  Disrupting sleep and the catastrophic effects of new technology on our eyes can alter the functions of our brains and bodies. Scientifically proven Reticare filters placed on your tablets or smartphones can reduce the amount of light exposure thus, sleep disruption. In addition, and most importantly, Reticare will help not only in reducing the distorting effects of blue light for a better sleep but it will also help reduce eye fatigue and retina damage.  The moment you start using Reticare on your device screens, by significantly reducing the causative agent of the effects, your eyes will feel less tired and you will have a deeper and a more restful sleep.  And, keep in mind that sleep is the most powerful elixir of life.

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