A 21-year-old woman lost her vision completely in one eye, after playing games on her smartphone throughout the day

A 21-year-old woman lost her vision completely in one eye, after playing games on her smartphone throughout the day

What we have been alerting for years is happening. We want to share this case with you, as an example of how, just in one day, eyes can be affected by irreversible damage.

According to Chinese media, it has been reported that 21 year-old Xiao Wu (reported as not her actual name) was playing a popular game called King of Glory prior to becoming blind in one eye.

She was taken to the Donggiang Huaxia Eye Hospital the next day, where doctors diagnosed her with a retinal artery constriction, which is the painless loss of monocular vision. This condition, usually occurring among the elderly, is irreversible and the result is permanent loss of vision.

Maggie Hor, Professor at the Nanyang Polytechnic School of Health Sciences, speaking to one of the media outlets, AsiaOne, said retinal artery constriction occurs when one of the small arteries that carry blood to the retina is clogged.

Playing games on her smartphone throughout the day, as Xiao Wu picked it up again after dinner to continue playing, “…she began to feel something was not right in her right eye”. The next morning, “after a night of insomnia, fear and distress,” she was taken to the city hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Xiao Wu, who is self-employed, told reporters at the hospital that she usually gets up at 6 am and starts playing games on her smartphone shortly after breakfast until around 4 pm. Then she takes a nap and continues playing until 1 or 2 in the morning.

"Sometimes I lose track of time, I even forget to eat until my parents ask me," she said. Her parents tried to persuade her to stop using the phone and even warned her that she could "go blind".

"Now I feel fear and regret (for not listening to them)," said Xiao Wu.

The doctors who treated her in the hospital said the excessive use of her smartphone caused tremendous eye fatigue for her eyes. It has also been reported that eye damage can occur not only by overusing a smartphone but also by staring at a computer or a laptop for extended period of hours.

There have been other reported cases around the world after using electronic devices and, throughout our upcoming Newsletters, we will inform you of these actual cases, similar to Xiao Wu’s, those who suddenly or in a very short period of time, ended up blind.

Most users of electronic devices are not aware or have not heard of such cases and wrongly think staring at screens is harmless.

The obliviousness is at extreme as you can see the visualization in the video below, already exceeding 7 million views. Addicted to online playing, some “Youtubers” dare gamers in 24-hour challenges, continuously.


The experiments conducted by the scientific team of the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) clearly demonstrate using Reticare Eye Protector filters, placed on your device screens, can reduce these risks immensely however, we also recommend that you use common sense and use your screens in moderation. All in all, we suggest that everyone should keep in mind that even moderate usage will not be enough to reduce the risks. As we have begun to see more and more cases, it is important to realize that, in just one day, our vision can be damaged for life. It is also important to note that the damages are cumulative therefore, the urgency to protect ourselves from the risks is extremely critical for good eye health.

Images/Data source: AsiaOne (Asia’s leading News Portal)

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