Today, a child’s eyes can receive up to 20 times more toxic light from device screens compared to 25 years ago

Today, a child’s eyes can receive up to 20 times more toxic light from device screens compared to 25 years ago

For the eyes, the difference is much greater at night. The eyes are less prepared to receive too much light at night because they are accustomed to the naturally less light exposure when the sun goes down. Furthermore, in full darkness, the eyes search to absorb more light in order to see better which is the reverse reaction of the eyes during daylight. 

Historically, there is also a difference between adults and children when it comes to the effects of light on vision. To get an idea of this difference, with respect to what happens when the eyes are exposed to the light emitted from screens, it is necessary to compare tube technologies with emissions from new Smartphones. In this sense, two very important factors must be taken into account:

1. The distance to the source.

While the average distance was about 6-9 feet from a television screen a few years ago, it is now common for a child to watch a show from only about 5-6 inches away looking at device screens. This factor alone is decisive in the intensity of light received by the eyes.

2. The intensity of light emission.

The new device screens emit much more light, and, more importantly, at a much higher concentration of blue light.

We have made comparative measurements to illustrate the huge differences between light and distance to the source. The scenario selected is to watch a tube television from 9 feet away and compare it with looking at a mobile phone from 5 inches away.


The results are scary. A child’s eyes today can receive 2.100% more light from a device screen than what his father would have received when watching television in the past. In addition, children should be warned much more than before because now the show contents are extremely attractive and habit forming. They become helpless as they remain embedded in a situation, in a stage of numbness, while the toxic light continues to damage their eyes.

As a society we have the obligation to stop this serious deterioration of children's eye health. Especially, considering that the damages can be irreversible and that their eyes are suffering at a level of intensity, never known in human history. Don’t forget also today, in addition to leisure time, most children use screens at school and are required to do their homework on screens.

Therefore, this school year, do not allow your kids to continue watching their favorite shows or doing their work on device screens without Reticare.

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