Blue light experiments with lab animals shows the discovery of increased blood sugar levels and increased appetite for sugar consumption

Blue light experiments with lab animals shows the discovery of increased blood sugar levels and increased appetite for sugar consumption

Although the most serious direct effect of blue light is retina damage, the latest study shows new properties in correlation with an increase in obesity and diabetes particularly in children.

Based on recent studies, blue light distorts sleep and this aspect also contributes to weight gain since it is known that poor sleep increases the risk of obesity. What's new in this article presented by the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior (SSIB) Congress in Utrecht, Netherlands last July is the direct link between blue light and sugar consumption.

The laboratory rats used in the experiment were exposed to only one hour of blue light at night. Afterwards, they were presented with the option of food the animals are accustomed to, water, butter and sugar water. It was found that the animals that were exposed to blue light at night preferred and consumed the sugar water in contrast to those that were not exposed to this type of light. Throughout the experiment, an analysis was conducted in the mornings to check sugar levels and the authors found, with only one hour of blue light exposure, glucose tolerance, a symptom of pre-diabetes, was altered in male lab rats.

The facts continue to show that exposure to blue light poses multiple toxic effects and seriously impairs the quality of life and alters the healthy development of an adult.

To date, the following toxic effects of blue light that have been discovered include:

• It severely affects vision and can create irreversible damage to the eyes.

Distorts sleep, which has been discovered to be the most comprehensive natural medicine known.

• The skin can also be adversely affected by blue light.

• Most recently, the discovery that blue light is also linked to weight gain and risks of diabetes.

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