Reticare, The No-brainer Decision

Reticare, The No-brainer Decision

There is increasing evidence of retinal damages emitted from screen lights. In the worst case scenario, this means that our society faces an epidemic of retina damages that could affect a large part of the population, putting the future risk, especially among children and young people, who mostly are not aware of the consequences of the games they play.

Unfortunately, all the parameters that influence the risks are becoming a growing reality:

- The intensity of the light and its toxic component is on the rise

- The average number of hours spent in front of screens is already above 10 hours

- The distance at which we look at screens does not stop decreasing

- The age of starting to use screens is getting younger and younger

The combination is a “perfect storm” for the eyes that will end up, at best in damaging the eye health of the population and, at worst exponentially increasing the number of blind people.

Obviously, in the case of blue light damage, our logic might deviate that it is not necessary to “believe” if we do not “understand” the current situation we are living to protect ourselves. However, the scientific studies show that there is no doubt about looking at screens, for so many hours, damages the eyes.

Now the question is what is the level of severity?

Looking at it from the angle of principal logic, it makes no sense not to protect yourself. This is true even if the possibility of damages does not appear to be massive (it will take time for the end results) or, even if it is in its hypothetical state (which seems to be not, considering the recent studies and facts), being proactive and protecting yourself from the beginning, will only produce health benefits from the very first moment. Simply put, “It’s a Win Win Situation.”

Share this information with the people around you and, especially share it with those who remain oblivious to these very serious risks from using screens.

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