Are you looking at screens more than 3 hours a day?

Are you looking at screens more than 3 hours a day?

More than likely you are, as most of us do, at a minimum of three hours per day. You should read this:

The majority of people do not know the problem from excessive screen usage. It is not also known by most that the new screens are much more toxic, emit more blue light and they are bigger in size (i.e., smartphones). In addition, we spend much more time in front of screens and we look at them at a closer proximity.

When you don't protect yourself properly, it can cost your health and affect your finances. The following effects from screen usage can be as follows:

  • Increased tiredness of the eyes.
  • Disruption in sleep patterns. 
  • Vulnerability to serious eye diseases.
  • Increase in frequency of headaches.
  • Being less productive at work.
  • Susceptible to make more mistakes.
  • Spending more money to take care of your eye health.

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