Denying Problems When We Don’t Like the Evidence

Denying Problems When We Don’t Like the Evidence

When analyzing the reaction of societies around the world regarding the current outbreak of the coronavirus disease, we find a clear relationship between how people have been responding to the risks from blue light and how they are reacting to this dangerous pandemic.

It is also true that ease of how we make comparisons between different parts of the world, with the idea that what happens on the other side of the globe will not necessarily happen here, is surprising. Regarding eye damages from blue light, the progression that has occurred in China with respect to the reports of increase in myopia, now affecting 90% of children and young people and, in North Korea reaching up to 93% of those over 20, contrasts with the widespread opinion that the same will not happen in the West. Similar prejudgment about the coronavirus disease also suffers from the predicament for many of us, who argue bluntly and without knowing almost nothing about the reality of this virus, that it is normal for it to occur in China and that it will be very different here at home.

It seems like the problem is that it is hard for us to admit the obvious evidence, if it goes against our interests. Even when there are clear confirmations of the facts of peril, finding excuses to feel more secure is an easy way out to exclude one’s self, which actually increases the risks we face, putting us in more danger.

Proper protection and maintaining a wise position on the current state is the best recipe for all of us in order to reduce the risks from this new situation, wherever you are in the world. Bottom line is that we all should pay attention to the evidence and ignore the ‘hearsay,’ which should not influence one’s belief in the problem and can cost us our health and wellbeing.

It is our obligation to also point out that protecting your eyes from blue light should be at the top of our minds because now we are spending even longer time on screens than ever before. Today, most of us rely on our electronic devices while searching, learning and trying to understand the pertinent information, critical to decipher about what’s happening. Especially during this time, we must believe and follow the principles of prevention and, more importantly, teach our children that to prevent is better and faster way of protecting one’s self and that the cure can be more threatening than the problem.

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