“Social Distancing” will cause everyone to use device screens much more now

“Social Distancing” will cause everyone to use device screens much more now

With Coronavirus prevention on hand all around the world, experts are encouraging “Social Distancing,” at least for the time being, for schools, businesses and individuals to use digital devices to communicate, to shop and do business more than ever before.

While this may be an important preventive method to decrease the spread of the disease because, to protect our health is paramount these days, we must look at other adverse effects of using chiefly our digital device screens. Due to these prevention methods to counter spread of the Coronavirus disease, many schools and universities have already closed their classroom doors while children and the young continue their education via e-learning or virtual class participation from their online sources. Many businesses now are asking their employees to work from home and, our retired seniors who are considered at risk more so than others, are staying indoors and using their devices to avoid possible threats to their health. 

Using device screens now for most everything we do means you have to spend hour after hour flipping through sources to go on about your work, education or daily life and exposing your eyes to blue light becomes unavoidable. However, what is avoidable is, just like you have put your mind to prevent yourself from Coronavirus by taking precautionary methods, you should also do the same to protect your retina damage to your vision. According to reliable reports, the majority of those who are affected by the disease have shown recovery, especially the younger and healthy population. On the other hand, suffering from the effects of blue light on the retina, will affect the majority of digital users, especially the young and, even those with healthy vision, for the rest of their life.

Bottom line is that Blue light emitted from our computer and phone screens are the leading causes of health issues, eye strain, dry eyes and irreversible retina damage that can lead to macular degeneration, the main cause of blindness in the world. 

Fortunately, you can take the necessary steps by using Reticare eye protection filters, the only eye protection based on 15 years of scientific research and proven that it works for more than 500 users, including reputable corporations, government and other institutions worldwide. Internationally patented Reticare allows the right dose of light to pass through and absorb the toxic part of blue light extremely harmful for your eyes. While we are all beginning to practice “Social Distancing” methods and must use our screens more so nowadays, we ask everyone to please be cautious of other eye protection offers in the market. To be sure, ask those who claim to protect your eyes if they also can provide the scientific evidence behind it. At Reticare we can.

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