“Listen” to what your eyes are telling you!

“Listen” to what your eyes are telling you!

Your eyes may be asking you for help. Being in front of a light source which can be extremely toxic for the eyes, they need Reticare for protection.

Your body is already warning you with symptoms such as headaches, itchy eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, and unfortunately, more serious ones like retinal detachment and permanent damage to the eyes.

To date, more than 1 million eyes are already protected with Reticare who do not want to use screens without Reticare, ever again. When you do the same, you will literally feel your eyes are elusively thanking you, from the first moment.

Currently, whether you are returning to work or being called to do your job in a different work environment, the new situation may expose you to even greater risks. It is crucial to protect your eyes now, by reducing the symptoms and damages you are already suffering from, especially when scientists are claiming that one of the main ways of the contagion is by touching our eyes when the virus becomes highly transmissible to our bodies.

Reality check: When we are experiencing discomfort and symptoms due to intense light from screens, we tend to touch our eyes often. To stop touching your eyes and to stop putting yourself at risk, place Reticare on all your screens. It is the natural and the smart way to protect your eyes. 

Reticare dramatically increases comfort when using screens by reducing the risks from diseases and symptoms in the eyes, such as:

• Dry Eyes

• Itching, burning, fatigue, eye pain

• Headaches

The real and definitive solution to stay healthy, trusted by most demands.

15+ years of scientific research proven to protect the eyes.

World leader and the main bibliographic reference of protection against blue light. 

Internationally patented.

Endorsed by the University of Complutense (UCM).

Reticare®, protects you from damaging effects of blue light from device screens
The only scientifically proven eye protector