Water and breeze: the key to understanding it all

Water and breeze: the key to understanding it all

Summer begins, the sun is at its peak and the dangers from device screens becomes more serious during this time as well.  Imagine when you are on a boat, feeling the breeze and the water on your face.  But, when it stops, you immediately start to notice the effect of the sun because your skin cells were not properly transmitting the sensation of the heat. What you were perceiving until then was the water, the breeze from the sea, the pleasure of sailing or being on the beach.... 

Similarly, when looking at our device screens, our brain becomes fully focused on the information we are receiving from emails, social networks, news and, sometimes, playing games online just to have fun. While we are engrossed in all of these digital activities, we are focused on the feelings of pleasure we get from them and we don’t pay attention to the warning signs of the damages screens are causing on our health. 

We usually become aware of the damages because we either stop paying attention to our devices and stop looking at screens when we have had enough information or because the damages exceeded in intensity, overcoming the entertainment effect we are having in front of screens. This phenomenon, unfortunately, is even more intense in the case of children. Stemming from their continuous need to learn and the pleasure they get from their devices, the fixation on their screens is greater than the adults.  Because they are younger and because they can withstand the harmful effects of screens longer, the dangers remain hidden for an extended period of time, generating a persistent situation which leaves them defenseless as they become victims from the deterioration of their vision. 

The key to understand it all, as in the pleasant sensation we feel from the sea breeze and water, is that we cannot rely on what we feel but that we must rely on science and take the appropriate measures not to suffer the serious consequences of losing our vision due to careless use of device screens. 

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