A trip to the future to avoid damages: Time travel doesn't exist, does it?

A trip to the future to avoid damages: Time travel doesn't exist, does it?

Part of science is about analyzing what is happening in anticipation of what will happen. Why are more than 100 scientists, working meticulously for more than 18 years, to understand the adverse effects of screen lights on the retina? Why are millions are invested in analyzing the most effective solution? Why do more than 1000 people participate in clinical trials?

It is a question of time travel in order to understand, as precise as possible, what awaits us and how to avoid it. Think about this, for example, when the resistance of a particular cement is being analyzed, it is done so to prevent a building from collapsing. Just like when studies are conducted to analyze blue light effects on the complex behavior of our eyes and its cells, it is done so to prevent and avoid deterioration of the eyes or, worse, vision loss.

After 18 years of studies, we already have a more clear understanding of the future that awaits us if we do not act promptly.  The future appears darker for those who do not care to take advantage of the hundreds of thousands of hours of study that have led to Reticare. 

The science is crystal clear, if we continue like this, we can suffer irreversible losses, which may appear suddenly and which will impact, with enormous force, the lives of those affected, unaware of the danger, like a child playing with fire, using screens without the slightest care, taking into account what they themselves are risking.

Facing these conclusions about something that we do at Reticare every day, it is easy to say to oneself: “This not a solution for me, It is too late to have a solution in my case.” However, the person who says this, does not imagine what it is like to experience the deterioration and how it will affect her or his life and those around him. And, of course, there is a solution and the longer it takes not to take advantage of it, the more urgent it becomes to protect oneself as soon as possible.

Since its journey into the future, science has been warning us, alerting us, but it's just that we don't want to see it or act with extreme care. Let's not make any assumptions, let's trust science and Reticare, the only scientifically proven solution.

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