Science Vs. Opinions

Science Vs. Opinions

After 18 years of studying the complex process of how blue light damages eyes and health, we at Reticare are very concerned about the use of products based on opinions, feelings, personal interpretations of science or, even more for those that are based on flashy demonstrations rather than scientific facts. Clearly, after Reticare’s demonstration of the real damages from blue light on the retina, the challenge is to choose the right solution to protect against it. If you use the wrong product, you will not only lose your money, but more importantly, you may lose your retinal cells, which are priceless.

One of the most successful marketing tools to try to convince people, without the proper science behind the product being sold, is often to use opinions, usually from doctors or experts showing their experience or comments for the product. In addition, it is common to use words such as "Validated" and "Recommended by Doctors" simply to convey a certain level of confidence for the buyers.

Why developing Reticare has taken more than18 years of studies? Why the collaboration of more than 100 scientists were required? Why Reticare has the support of Sir Richard Roberts, Nobel Prize recipient in Medicine and, Sheldon Lee Glashow, Nobel Prize recipient in Physics? Because solving a problem as complex as that of an effective protection against blue light, which is fundamental to people's lives, requires in-depth knowledge and scientific research. Putting any product on the market without this scientific validation is sheer madness.

It is with scientific rigor, clinical research, innovation and pure quality which Reticare has demonstrated to the market, with its continuous commitment to health.  Thus, Reticare has become the only scientifically endorsed protector and it is the world leader in the prevention of retinal damage, caused by screen lights from our electronic devices.

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