Elementary, my dear Watson.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Sherlock Holmes could see beyond; he was able to establish connections that could not be seen with the naked eye. He uncovered the reality by detecting the lies, investigated the motivations and managed to give a completely new and accurate reading of the situation. 

Today, we all have to do the exercise of connecting the dots, just as in a Sherlock Holmes novel, and the data is available to all, even though the connection between those dots is what appears inaccessible to most. 

There is also an added difficulty. The accessibility of the data is huge and, we do not know how to determine whether a given form of information is manipulative.  The result of combing through search engines can perfectly serve third party interests however, the appearance of impartiality clouds the judgment of the reasons why certain information show up as being more important than others.

What is evident and elementary for the well-informed may not be so for those who use another way of reasoning, or do not have enough information about the process. 

At Reticare, when we see companies who do not safeguard their employees or parents who do not not guard their children with the best available protection, we feel the frustration of those who see how someone is approaching the precipice and yet, despite the warnings, can not react. However, those who, like Sherlock Holmes, connect the dots, always come to the same conclusion: It is elementary, I need Reticare on all my screens.

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