Reticare's success continues in the US: A Million thanks to Million eyes.

Reticare's success continues in the US: A Million thanks to Million eyes.

Reticare, the leading manufacturer of solutions to protect the eyes of screen users, has once again reaffirmed its status as a leader and as one of the top innovative companies in the US. With its solutions to prevent collateral risks from digital transformation, the company holds its place as the point of reference in protecting the eyes from toxic blue light. 
Reticare's success is based on three pillars:
The first is, Reticare’s continued commitment to science and innovation. The company outshines the rest and holds its position as the only solution to protect eyes with its 18 years of scientific studies. Furthermore, Reticare is honored to have the support of two Nobel Laureates as advisors, Sir Richard Roberts, Nobel Prize recipient in Medicine and Sheldon Lee Glashow, Nobel Prize recipient in Physics. 
Secondly, it is Reticare’s absolute orientation towards the health of its consumers, understanding that its mission as a company goes beyond business, with the priority to prevent vision loss and protect their health. In that sense, Reticare has continuously developed and innovated the only filters that have proven to be effective in preventing the dangers from screens. 
Thirdly is the company’s outstanding care and the monitoring of its customers, who have become Reticare's best ambassadors. With its team of professionals, experienced throughout decades of know-how in both the phenomenon of eye health and digital innovation, Reticare has managed to become a benchmark.
This past month Reticare has had repercussions in the media, reflecting its great concern about the phenomenon of toxic blue light signifying, if not tackled, endangers both the recovery and productivity of companies in the new hyper connected scenario in the current pandemic era.  
Decisively, Reticare is further accelerating its already successful B2B program with new advantages for companies, interested in protecting the health of their talent and improving their productivity.
Reticare continues to add clients to the list of more than 150 prestigious institutions and companies throughout the world. For more information about our B2B program or if you are an individual worried about the health of your vision, please write to us at or call us at 1 813 287 4867. Our consultants are ready to offer you customized plans, ranging from various products tailored for your colleagues, teams and workers, with volume discounts.

You can also visit our website at and we will assist you with your needs, inform you of our new products and offer our promotions we have put together for the summer... Thanks a million!

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