There’s no vaccine for eyes

There’s no vaccine for eyes

The progression of COVID 19 and the efficacy of vaccines is a general concern in order to fight this new enemy which has been attacking our way of life, for more than a year. The efficacy of vaccines will mean defeating the enemy and being able to return to normalcy.
However, there are diseases that do not and cannot be fought against with vaccines to prevent their harmful effect and are transmitted even more easily than the virus itself. 
The manner of transmission for damages from blue light is screen usage and its effect is treacherous like that of cancer itself.  In most cases, you don’t experience symptoms and think you will not be affected therefore, you build up a false self-confidence and when confronted with screens, in principle, you think nothing will happen. Imagine the same for COVID-19, as the symptoms only appear when it is too late and, in the meantime, sufferers feel safe and do not take adequate precautionary measures. 
Clearly, the effect would be global but, what if the disease is not cured? This is the kind of enemy we are dealing with in front of our screens. Worse yet, this is the enemy with which our children are fighting against, without being at all aware that THEIR FUTURE (in capital letters) is at stake.
We know that neuronal connections are very complex and, when they are lost, only prevention is worthwhile: keep what we have safely, which is crucial to be able to continue with our daily routine. The fact that blue light causes cell death in the retina leads to the destruction of the brain connections of image-detecting neurons that are generated with our brain. Therefore, in the evolution of macular degeneration, a black spot appears that grows in the center of vision and little by little and prevents us from reading, recognizing faces, driving, etc. 
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