Gambling the future for almost nothing.

Gambling the future for almost nothing.

What if you lost your vision? What if you couldn't read or recognize faces? What if you couldn't drive or watch TV? What if it was irreversible? What if the light emitted from screens is a risk factor for all that?
What if reducing that risk would cost you as little as a dinner party?
What if it would also improve the quality of your vision and provide comfort?
It is hard to admit that we as a society can create an amazing technology such as device screens that are, at the same time, a new big risk for the eyes. However, what’s alarming is that it has become impossible to admit the fact that most of us have not rectified the situation, when there is still time.
It is very peculiar to take such a risk for vision loss, especially when the first human cases of blue light damage to the retina have already been reported. Moreover, it is very easy to convince oneself that nothing is wrong and that there is nothing to worry about. This false belief is enough for anyone to have doubts about the reality of the risks and feel relaxed in accepting such conviction.
The problem is that opinions are not going to change the reality of the damage this light is doing to your eyes, only your responsible actions to build and invest in a better future for your health and professional development will. 
Based on results from 18 years of research, with more than 50 experiments, confirmed cases in humans and the various symptoms most people are suffering should be enough evidence for anyone, an entity or any person not to waste the invaluable opportunity to act in time thus, NOT become a victim of the situation.

As stated in Kevin Costner's mythical movie, Dances with Wolves, "No man can tell another what to do" but if someone has important information for the good of the people, he has the obligation to share it otherwise, he would be ignoring one of the characteristics that make us more human: To treat others as we would like to be treated, help them to prevent risks and damages that are irreversible and can bring severe consequences.

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