The intensity of light which the new screens emit is much higher (5X) and, in addition, the composition of the light is much worse than before. As we explained last week, there is a false belief that the new screens are healthier than the previous ones. With this series of messages FACTS and FOLLIES, we reveal a very different reality.
Did you know? Most people do not know...Fact or folly? FOLLY: There is a false belief that new screens emit less light than the previous ones.
A recent case published in The New England Journal of Medicine (Medical journal, a publication by the Massachusetts Medical Society) states that one day a patient suddenly notices loss of vision completely and starts seeing again 20 minutes later. This would be an astounding experience for anyone!
The British newspaper Daily Mail, one of the largest news source in the world, has published an extensive article that has remained on the cover for more than a day.

Aging Eyes Accelerated

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It is well known that skin ages with the UV rays from the Sun however, our skin has the ability to regenerate over time. What most of us are unaware is that the retina cells do not have the ability to regenerate therefore, maintenance of our eyes is a priority to be able to keep them healthy as long as we can in our lifetime.
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