Eye Pain: An alarm you mustn’t ignore.

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Only a few years ago, it was hard to run into people with symptoms that are now much more common such as eye fatigue, photophobia, eye stress, blurred vision and/or eye pain.
Being well informed today makes an important difference in the future. There are 500,000 people, including many members from the most important companies and institutions in the world, who already know the importance of protecting themselves with Reticare against the light emitted from device screens.
Similar to best practices companies adapt in preventing health hazards that might affect those in the work place, many large companies are now offering Reticare eye protectors to their employees, who are mainly digital workers, in order to protect them from the toxicity of light emitted from device screens.
Since the 2013 results of the presentations by the scientific team of University Complutense of Madrid (UCM), it has been well known that the light emitted from device screens can cause serious damage to our vision.
Studies show that the color of the skin is also determinant for the risk of central blindness. Statistical data from the US Health Institute indicate that the race who suffers the highest risk of macular degeneration is white, multiplying almost three times over all other races.
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