The closer you are to something, the better you know it. In my case, my family I use Reticare on all of our screens. In addition, my children follow a limited time to use screens, a maximum of two hours a day.

Accelerated aging of the eyes II

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Lately, more and more people at a younger age with eye diseases seem to be on the rise. Previously, eye diseases that have begun at ages around 70-80 year olds now are being reported to begin among 40-50 year olds.

Blinded by Light

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This is how powerful the title of the article is in The Ophtalmologist, one of the most prestigious journals in the ophthalmological world, that refers to the latest experiments from the University of Toledo (UT-Ohio), demonstrating the connection between the blue light emitted by screens and the risks of permanent blindness.

It will not happen to me!

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We say it every day…even when we see gruesome images on media or the warnings on tobacco packages, most do not stop smoking. Even though we know the use of mobile phones/texting has become one of the first causes of death in traffic accidents and yet, we don’t take it seriously.
According to Dermascope, the first professional publication of the skin care society in the United States, blue light, emitted at high intensity by the screens, could be more dangerous than both the UVA and UVB.
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