World Glaucoma Week: Checking your vision is a must!

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On this occurrence of the World Glaucoma Week, at Reticare we want to raise awareness about Glaucoma, a serious vision disease and the second leading cause of blindness in the world.
The American Optometric Association (AOA), which represents about 40,000 optometrists in the United States, has designated March as the high energy light and digital eye strain awareness month. Under the title of #NationalSaveYourVisionMonth, the AOA has begun a campaign to promote the importance of vision health through prevention from the risks of harmful light emitted by device screens. Furthermore, the AOA chose this topic as its main focus
From February 27th to March 2nd, Barcelona has been the world capital of the mobile industry. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the most important event for the digital transformation of society, a unique event to improve people's lives through technology.
Prestigious Spanish media outlets such as Infosalus, Antena 3, La Razon and La Sexta reported on the risks of cataracts associated with the use of digital screens. This visual impairment is beginning to be detected in people aged 45-50, ten years earlier than usual. According to experts, the cataract that appears in younger people is characterized by discomfort with light which can affect completely normal vision over time.
New research suggests your screen addiction may be damaging more than just your sanity.
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