New research suggests your screen addiction may be damaging more than just your sanity.
Spain’s most important newspaper, El Pais, has covered the huge increase in cases of myopia in Asia for the last few decades. In developed areas of China children spend an average of 14 hours a week doing their homework (usually in front of digital devices) and using smartphones intensively.
The results from University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) regarding their latest research are groundbreaking: These studies confirm the irreversible damage to eyes caused by light emitted from digital screens is more serious than the UCM team of scientists thought before and Reticare eye protectors are much more effective than what had been believed previously.
The impact this study shows on rats indicates a possible massive risk for the human population, taking into consideration that retina damage is the biggest cause of central blindness.
The British newspaper Daily Mail, one of the largest news source in the world, has published an extensive article that has remained on the cover for more than a day.
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