You Are Safe: Send This To Those In Danger

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When you are aware of the fundamentals behind the harmful effect of screens on the eyes, it becomes difficult to understand how others risk their future because of lack of knowledge or sheer ignorance.
At Reticare, we have been warning about damages caused by, what we call "new digital diseases” which begins silently, with devastating effects on individuals and families.

This US Judicial Decision Affects You

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This ruling may open a potential gap in companies and consumers because now, it might be more difficult for them to defend themselves against any possible employee's claim of harm.
It is important to understand that with each screen, there is a danger and the way to help them thrive is by pairing up all their devices with the best filter against toxic blue light.

Gambling the future for almost nothing.

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What if you lost your vision? What if you couldn't read or recognize faces? What if you couldn't drive or watch TV? What if it was irreversible? What if the light emitted from screens is a risk factor for all that?
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