According to Dermascope, the first professional publication of the skin care society in the United States, blue light, emitted at high intensity by the screens, could be more dangerous than both the UVA and UVB.
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Dangers of false perception of security

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The film, "The Big Short" depicts parallel stories of the great depression, bankruptcy and recent Lehman Brothers and the financial crisis of 2007–2008, which was triggered by the United States housing bubble, begins with a phrase of Mark Twain that is very adequate in explaining the false perception of security: "It ain´t what you don’t know that gets you in troble. It´s what you know for sure that just ain´t so." (Mark Twain)
The intensity of light which the new screens emit is much higher (5X) and, in addition, the composition of the light is much worse than before. As we explained last week, there is a false belief that the new screens are healthier than the previous ones. With this series of messages FACTS and FOLLIES, we reveal a very different reality.
Did you know? Most people do not know...Fact or folly? FOLLY: There is a false belief that new screens emit less light than the previous ones.
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