TODAY Is the Moment of Truth: Act Now and Protect Yourself

TODAY Is the Moment of Truth: Act Now and Protect Yourself

We are witnessing in recent months an escalation of news relating to the behaviors of multinational technology companies.  

Why do successful companies don’t feel the need to act based on the health and safety of their own screen users? 


It seems like their quarterly growth, demands of investors and the natural selection of success following blameless ideas, based on the famous: "Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness", has built a technology industry, despite selling their impeccable ideologies, operating in a very different way from what its customers or users want or expect.


We have already lost our privacy and many of us are losing human qualities such as willpower, along with our peace of mind, by being captive to the pre-designed addiction mechanics of various contents already. Most importantly, hours of being exposed to screen lights could be affecting our health, causing us to sleep worse and costing us our eye health by putting our vision at risk.


In the virtual ‘jungle’ we live in, we encourage that each and every one of us must be aware of what is at stake and take appropriate measures to avoid being one more victim of this madness. By being intelligent for your own destiny, you have the power to overcome and turn the remarkable capabilities of technology into a sustainable tool in your life.


It is true that what is happening is serious but know that it is only the tip of the iceberg: The effects on privacy and on mental health are possible to reverse however, what is happening with your eyes, is not.  


It is in this environment, where the truth is conveniently silenced, each of us should be on the lookout for our own health and quality of our life style.

We are talking about the surges of reality to inform and help you protect your eyes from all your screens with Reticare and allow you to help those around you.  We are certain that you would not want them to lose their vision because you didn’t take any action.

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