Human Eyes are at Serious Risk yet, Most Organizations are Still in “Waiting” Mode…

Human Eyes are at Serious Risk yet, Most Organizations are Still in “Waiting” Mode…

Just stop by a school and you’ll see the number of children wearing prescription glasses. It is undoubtedly evident that we are facing a situation of extreme necessity to protect our eyes and yet, although we feel the need, most institutions, professional groups, companies and educational centers are still “waiting” to take action.

- More than 50% of children have visual problems and, most do not tell their parents.

- According to the University of Mainz, macular degeneration affects 4% between 35 and 44 year olds, that is, one in 25 people, a disease that usually appears in people over 65.

- According to the Vision Council, approximately 60% of screen users, that is, the majority of the population, experience symptoms such as headaches, dry eye, blurred vision, etc., associated with use of screens.

- Research groups from Oregon (US), Toledo (US), France, Madrid, Japan and Taiwan, among others, confirm both in lab animals and in-vitro testing, retina cell death occurs caused by the source that illuminates all device screens.

- Less than 1% of children in the US are protected in schools.

Unfortunately, technological advances in production of these striking device screens have been triumphantly disbursed among the population in such a way that the whole society is exposed to the risks and therefore, almost everyone, sooner or later, will suffer from the effects. However, those who have taken preventive measures in protecting themselves with Reticare, are on their way to reduce the risk of being affected by the damages that cannot be repaired.

Today, more than 500,000 people are already protected with Reticare and fortunately, realizing the importance of the problem, there are now thousands of companies worldwide which have begun to measure their success and competitive advantage by providing better occupational health for their workers, including protection of their employees' eyes with Reticare.

“Waiting” should not be an option. If you are an employer or an employee working for a company, share this information and, better yet, take part to take action to prevent the evident risks in the future, before it’s too late.

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