Back to school Deal: You Must Read This to Improve the Future of your Children.

Back to school Deal: You Must Read This to Improve the Future of your Children.

As the Delta variant rages throughout the states, parents who worry about sending their children back to schools and classrooms safely, can easily forget the serious dangers about their eyes, due to frequent and accumulated use of their electronic devices.  It is important to understand that with each screen, there is a danger and the way to help them thrive is by pairing up all their devices with the best filter against toxic blue light.
We are obliged as parents, to ask ourselves if we are neglecting our children’s eyes, exposed to screens for countless hours, silently harming their vision which is a different kind of pandemic that can affect them for life.  Because our children are being continuously exposed to blue light from screens, concerned parents should think about the risks that could not only cause damages to their eyes, but it could also lead to irreversible vision loss, which could put their future in jeopardy.  
The best investment for all is to protect them when using electronic devices for schoolwork, activities, or entertainment, whether during the day or at night. If not, they can suffer headaches or migraines, blurry vision and other issues that can affect their progress and overall health. Furthermore, excessive light from screens can cause drop in melatonin levels, affecting the necessity of their daily sleep, which can cause problems with their immune system, putting them at a greater risk during the pandemic.  
Therefore, protecting their eyes from screens is essential. By absorbing the toxic light from screens properly and, as the only scientifically proven protection, Reticare filters on devices are a must for all, especially for our children. Reticare filters are the only ones medically and scientifically backed, with two Nobel Prize winning scientists on its advisory board and it is the result of more than 18 years of scientific research, conducted by the world's leading experts in blue light.
We want to help you to invest in the future of your children: We’d like to offer you a special promo so that you can pair up their devices with Reticare and have them protected and continue to thrive. Making sure to send them back to school safely, use the promo code FUTURE10 and get a 10% off on all the Reticare products so that their eyes are protected whether they are in elementary school, high school or college. 

Use the code when you visit our website at www.reticare.comYou can also write to us at or call us at 1 813 287 4867. We will gladly assist you in choosing the right Reticare for you and your children. 

Invest in Science. Invest in Reticare.

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