It’s time to go back to school and the essential list of back to school supplies are out. At Reticare, we believe the list (at least on the parents’ list) should include an additional and the most important item: Clinically proven Reticare eye protector filters (affixed like a screen protector on devices) to absorb the harmful blue light emitted from device screens such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and monitors, which are used every day.

What we are doing today for our students:

• As a safety tool and for emergency situations, thanks to technology, we equip them with smartphones.

• To ensure our students benefit from abundant information and quickly, we equip the classrooms with tablets, laptops and/or monitors. These devices also make classrooms more accessible and fun.

• For online at school work, homeschooling or attending remote schools, we equip them with necessary devices they can depend on, at all times.

• Most teachers today require students to work on their homework using devices (currently homework is rarely completed using pen/pencil/paper).

• What our students also do, on their own time, is that they use their devices as entertainment (video gaming, streaming shows/movies, texting with friends, etc.).

Using devices can be efficient, productive and fun! Using devices carefully is something all parents (and teachers) need to be aware of. Warnings about the adverse effects of screens have become important health topics throughout the world via medical journals, the media and governments.

Scientific Facts:

• Development of the natural defense, in the crystalline of the eyes to filter the blue light, starts at around age 25.

• The macula (the central part of the retina and the most important part of our eyes) does not develop until age 4.

• For these reasons and because kids have less macular pigmentation (which helps to reduce the effects of the blue light in the retina) the young have less natural defense and receive much more toxic light than the adults when using the same device.

• Children and adolescents can focus and look at screens at a much closer distance than adults. Think that the energy of the light grows inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

• Lab animal experiments already demonstrate that the high intense blue light emitted from screens can cause retinal cell death. Using Reticare is the matchless protection method that demonstrates a strong reduction of this adverse effect. The retinal cells are not recoverable and this condition could lead to early macular degeneration (blindness).

• While retinal cells diminish gradually, students will also experience symptoms like eye fatigue, headaches and sleep disorders, all of which can affect their school performance.

• They still have many more years ahead to live and to see so they must be protected now to counter the harmful effects of blue light for their eyes.

What we need to do for our students:

At Reticare, we feel it is our obligation to let parents and teachers know that these devices can be a major health risk for our students and, for their future. It is up to you to protect your children. It is up to all of us to protect the new generation. We urge you to look into adding to your student’s school supply list the scientifically proven Reticare eye protectors to use on their devices to prevent risks from screens. Don’t let them continue to do their work on devices without providing protection for their eyes.

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