World leader in eye protection from high energy light

World leader in eye protection from high energy light

Reticare has emerged as the world leader in eye protection from high energy light. Part of the light emitted from smartphones, tablets, laptops emit high energy light. This light could cause headaches, red eyes, watery eyes, itchy eyes, disrupt sleep cycles, and could be a risk factor for retinal diseases. Children and Young adults are at a higher risk, due to the fact they lack the natural protection developed with age.

This year at CES 2016, Reticare will show case its new products-- Reticare Glasses and Reticare Glass. Two new innovative products to help improve the end users Reticare experience while enjoying technology.

Reticare has been scientifically proven to improve visual comfort. Reticare glasses and filters absorb part of the most energetic light emitted from screens of electronic devices, which is linked to the reduction of melatonin levels.

Reticare filters have a unique structure to help absorb high energy light emitted from screens. It is composed of four distinctive layers. The first layer consist of a high uniform adhesive silicone layer. The second layer serves as a protective barrier that absorbs part of the potential toxic light and reduces visual fatigue. The third layer serves as a protective layer from scratch marks, and the fourth layer allows your electronic device to function 100% with tactile movements.

Reticare is the world leader in eye protection with more than 12 years scientific research.

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