What is the premature aging of the eye?

What is the premature aging of the eye?

Human life expectancy of the earth population is increasing with medical advances. However, we have observed for some year’s symptoms of premature aging of the eye that does not appear in the rest of the body. According to the latest news, the eye is affected by different anomalies at an earlier age, more often eye care professionals (such as ophthalmologists or optometrists), tell us in an informal manner that more patients are coming to them at an earlier age than “usual” and are being diagnosed with specific visual problem.

Even at Reticare where we are dedicated to providing society with preventive solutions from eye disease and degenerative vision process, we have people tell us their doctor do not understand why their ocular system is so deteriorated at an earlier age than normal. There are no epidemiological data yet to tell us how big or small the evolution in the deterioration of vision is. However, it is a fact that we are all much more exposed to high-energy light than years ago, and that by increasing this exposure it accelerates the degenerative processes of our visual system.

Under these circumstances/scenario we have two options: the most prudent, which most of our customers take, is to reduce the exposure of high energy light using Reticare products, which produces a beneficial effect on the ocular system. The other option is to take no action, pretend nothing is wrong and wait for the consequences. You decide for yourself and that is quite alright. There is no one better than yourself to decide between "suffering" or "enjoying".

On our end, we recommend great caution. The data we collect every day in our research are increasingly conclusive. We believe it is a serious mistake not to protect all electronic devices with Reticare that are used and if possible, we recommend using protection glasses when watching TV (especially when dealing with large screens that are situated within walking distance).

At Reticare, we have the priority and the enormous responsibility to protect children. Each day without protection is much more dangerous than for adults. Children’s visual system do not have the same protective barriers as adults, and the price they will pay will be much higher if they are not protected. Moreover, the attractive force exerted on their eyes from screen exacerbates the problem, because it prevents them from realizing the risk they run. So, if you are reading this blog entry, we ask you to play an active role in protecting children from ocular damage that could be produced from overexposure from high energy light. The first to suffer from not paying attention to this important matter are children.  Parents who ignore these important warnings, or parents who underestimate this unknown reality are putting at risk the health of their children. We are a small company trying to build awareness of the lab results conducted by one of the best Spanish Universities, University of Complutense of Madrid. We are challenged with taking on the important task of building awareness about this important issue surrounding the visual system and the change in illumination in our society.

While others are slow to acknowledge the current situation, do not forget that the ultimate responsibility is yours.

It is also worth noting how easy and affordable it is to acquire protection for your electronic devices. Protecting your eyes from harmful light will cost you only 5 minutes. You also have instructional videos at your disposal to help you make this simple and important step in protecting your eyes.

Keep in mind that there are currently more than 300,000 people who "did not take their chances" and protected their eyes with Reticare.