Covid-19 VS Retinal Damage

Covid-19 VS Retinal Damage

Covid-19 is educating us about the importance of prevention, especially the value of scientific knowledge about potential diseases. However, while we are facing this most important pandemic of our century, many of us are still ignoring the consequences we practically know nothing about.

Nevertheless, this situation should alert us to other potential problems that we are living with, in particular one of the most ignored but should be at the top of our minds, is the irreversible retinal cell damages from using device screens.

Even though the health effects from both of these potential risks are very different and difficult to compare, we believe it may be interesting to do an exercise of understanding the dynamics and progression of both. At the least, this exercise will help us understand the importance of taking an action, as soon as possible, especially in the case of our vision because once retinal damages occur, there is no solution yet for recovery against the progressive loss of eye sight permanently.

The need to act upon to protect our eyes from screens is very evident and easier to do in comparison, as shown above. However, the realization that only some are taking the preventive measures illustrate, as a society, we have been failing to recognize the importance of this serious matter.

The personal action and the companies that are taking action in doing something about it certainly are the ones who realize protection with Reticare will make a big difference. In these uncertain times, one thing certain is that by all those who are taking action for prevention to protect their eyes now will help them achieve a better future.

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